Thias Salhab - Kontrabassist Freiburg, Slap Double Bass Rockabilly
Thias Salhab

Name: Thias Salhab

Place: Freiburg, Germany

Passion: Double Bassist, Composer, Singer

Favorite Genres: Swing, Jive, Rockabilly, Blues, Rock'n'Roll, Ska, Country, Gypsy Swing...everything that rocks!


Rocked with:

- TTR (Tamer, Thias, Richy) (since 2016)

- Nina & the Hot Spots (since 2011)

- Blue Babies (1992 - 2011)

- and many bands by helping out


Shared the stage with:

Van Morrison (IR), Mavis Staples (US), Peacocks (CH), Boppin' B (DE), Ted Herold (DE), The Busters (DE), No Sports (DE), Bad Manners (UK), Clawfinger (SE), Fool's Garden (DE), Loaded (US), The King (IR), Marousse (FR), Tower of Power (US),...


Played in:

small clubs and venues to big music festivals in Germany, France, Swiss, Austria, Belgium and Spain.


Nina & the Hot Spots - "Cha-Ching!" (2015), Thias Salhab, Kontrabassist Freiburg, Slap Double Bass
Nina & the Hot Spots - "Cha-Ching!" (2015)


Nina & the Hot Spots, 2015

(10" Vinyl EP & download)

available on



  iTunes, and many more 

F.B.I., Blue Babies, 2007

Blue Babies, 2009

Demo Tapes, Nina & the Hot Spots, 2012, Thias Salhab

The Demo Tapes

Nina & the Hot Spots, 2012

Aguggamidda!, Blue Babies 2007


Blue Babies, 2007